Meet your Lash Artists



Our leader and master stylist at Let's Lash is Lori Myers. Lori opened her doors in January 2015 and has been building the Let's Lash brand in Scottsdale ever since then. She does this with top quality products, education, customer service, safe techniques and gorgeous application! Her beautiful clients, her ambitious team, and her loving friends and family are her heart and soul and she loves everything about her job! Lori is a Arizona native and can always be found with a fresh iced tea in hand and a smile on her face!

Specialties: Classic and Volume

Courses Taken: Cool Lashes Classic, Borboleta Beauty Volume, Eye Design New York by Nadia Afanaseva Russian Volume, Lashbox LA Mega Volume, Lash & Brow Academy by Irina Levchuk Russian Volume, Lashes del Sol Classic

Lashing since 2013



Tamran Fuentes is our in-house aesthetics and lash extension specialist at Let's Lash. She’s been making clients across Arizona feel their best for the past 8 years! Tamran is as quick with a joke as she is knowledgeable with skin care and lashing. She can’t live without a few of her guiltiest pleasures: lip gloss, daily workouts and Sam Hunt Radio! Tamran is a native to Arizona and resides in Scottsdale. She adores her clients and the relationships she has built while making them feel beautiful.

Specialties: Classic and Volume

Courses Taken: Borboleta Beauty Volume, Eye Design Russian Volume, Lashbox LA Mega Volume

Lashing since 2012



Sarah McCarty has been part of the team at Let's Lash from the start. She worked in education for nearly a decade until she found her true calling: LASHING! Her clients have become her family and Sarah feels that they enhance her life just as much as they think she enhances theirs. Sarah is originally from the Chicago area, but has lived in the Valley since 2001. She currently resides in Chandler and requires a daily dose of John Mayer classics and Cat Memes to keep her smiling!

Specialties: Classic, Volume, Mega Volume, and Bottoms

Courses Taken: Borboleta Beauty Volume and LashBox LA Mega Volume

Lashing since 2015



Andrea Sanchez is our favorite makeup artist turned lash stylist at Let's Lash. She’s been in the business of beauty for over 10 years now. Andrea loves spending time with clients and customizing their service to perfection! She secretly loves to indulge in time spent on her cell phone and watching reality TV. Andrea is a native of Arizona and she lives in Chandler with her husband, sweet baby boy, and 3 rescue pups.

Specialties: Classic

Courses Taken: Lavish Lashes Classic

Lashing since 2008



Our resident Disney expert, Sarina Pruitt, joined the team at Let’s Lash in 2017. Sarina believes the best part of being a lash stylist is when she is able to give clients that “OMG, I look amazing!” feeling! Those smiles & that excitement fill her with joy and make working at Let’s Lash a dream come true! Born and raised in California, Sarina loves cooking, Hello Kitty, and her daily dose of coffee. She currently lives in Phoenix with her husband and 2 fur babies.

Specialties: Classic and Volume (she will be offering Mega Volume soon!!)

Courses Taken: Borboleta Volume and LashBox LA Mega Volume

Lashing since 2015



Sophie Swatek joined the Let’s Lash team in 2018 after getting a few years of lashing under her belt. She loves creating beautiful lashes for her clients to look and feel their best! Sophie got started in the lash industry right out of beauty school at a career fair, and we are so happy that path has lead her to us. When she’s not lashing, you can find Sophie dancing, doing makeup, or cuddling up with her cat.

Specialties: Classic and Volume

Courses Taken: Amazing Lash Studio and Lash & Sugar Co.

Lashing since 2015


Rachelle Ward began lashing at Let’s Lash in 2018 after moving here from Safford, AZ. Shortly after graduating from Cosmetology School, Rachelle decided to dive into the lash industry when her lash stylist urged her to get certified—she says it is the best decision she has ever made!  Making her clients feel even more beautiful is what Rachelle thrives on. In her free time, Rachelle likes to kick back and relax at home or hit Sephora for a little retail therapy.

Specialties: Classic and Volume

Courses Taken: Entice Lashes Classic and Lash Lounge Volume

Lashing since 2016


Newlywed and new to Arizona, Lydia Corley joined our team in 2018. The Queens, NY native brings a dose of east coast attitude along with her outgoing, bubbly personality everyday. Her clients are sure to leave her chair laughing—along with a beautiful set of lashes. The artistry of lashing is what she loves the most about this industry. Lydia is enjoying exploring her new home with her husband and meeting wonderful new clients.

Specialties: Classic

Courses Taken: Blush Baby Makeup Studio Classic

Lashing since 2014